Program overview

Crescent Health Solutions has partnered with CVS/Caremark, a leading pharmacy benefit provider, to offer Crescent Pharmacy Services. We combine local administration and customer assistance with full service capabilities, including a national pharmacy network, expedient online claims processing, eligibility information management, and consultative services. The result is optimal cost effectiveness and superior quality. 


Crescent Pharmacy Services are designed to focus on the needs of member companies and their employees by providing flexible plans, proven savings, and rapid installation. Our focus is on delivering expert care and convenient service for member organizations and those they employ.


Why Choose Crescent Pharmacy Service?

  • Prompt, personal attention to all callers
  • Assistance with retail and mail order benefits
  • Instant verification of eligibility and data updates
  • Utilization review and plan design recommendations


Flexible plans

Crescent Pharmacy Services will customize a plan to effectively control prescription drug costs and to correspond with your company's group medical benefit.

This unique approach allows you to help your employees get the most suitable pharmacy services at the lowest cost. Typical plan features include:

  • Tiered co-pay structures
  • Variable deductibles
  • Discounted drugs at most U.S. pharmacies and CVS/Caremark's mail-service pharmacy
  • Drug category inclusion/exclusion
  • Disease management
  • Patient education


Proven savings

Crescent Pharmacy Services can save you money with reduced drug costs and cost-saving recommendations for your overall health plan. We offer:

  • Drug evaluations, seeking both voluntary generic and therapeutic substitution
  • Summary reports on savings, expenses, and utilization
  • Industry benchmark expenditure comparison reports
  • Ongoing drug utilization reviews, identifying potentially adverse and inappropriate drug utilization, while promoting proper use of medications


Rapid Installation

New member companies can expect cards within seven to ten business days of receipt and verification of eligibility information. New employees added to the plan can expect cards within five business days.


What's included?

At Crescent, we take care of everything from enrolling your employees in the program to recommending ways to reduce costs.


For you

  • Reduced drug costs
  • Assistance with implementing wellness and disease management programs
  • Assistance in explaining benefits to employees
  • Collection, analysis, and reporting of cost and benefits management data
  • Accurate updating of eligibility files


For your employees

  • Local, attentive customer service. All calls are handled immediately by a knowledgeable Crescent staff member
  • Instant verification of eligibility and updates to personal data
  • An extensive network of participating pharmacies
  • Assistance with navigating the health delivery system
  • Help in meeting prior authorization requirements


Cut costs, not benefits!

A managed pharmacy benefit program can help your company control costs without reducing benefits or increasing major medical deductibles. If your company currently has such a program, Crescent Pharmacy Services would appreciate the opportunity to prepare a cost comparison and savings analysis; just give us a call.